Typical Applications :

DC/AC applications, Switching Power Supply input filtering, DC blocking and output filter, welding equipment, DC Filtering application, MMC Capacitors module / Multi-Miniature Capacitors module

Electrical Characteristics : 

Large Terminals - to deliver larger discharge current Ipp and Ir.m.s. when compared with traditional axial lead copper tin wires

DCF-03QI / DCF-03QL / DCF-03QT – higher RMS current
Capacitance range : 1uF to 30uF
Rated Voltage : 100 - 400Vdc  /  70 - 250Vac
RMS Current up to 30A

DCF-04QI / DCF-04QL / DCF-04QT – smaller size & higher voltage range
Capacitance range : 0.68uF to 30uF
Rated Voltage : 250 - 700Vdc  /  160 - 400Vac
RMS Current up to 13A

Both series can be customized as Low Voltage High Capacitance High Current Capacitors.
We can customize Snubber Capacitor as Box type and support other parameters.

For 250Vac~900Vac / 400Vdc~1,350Vdc and with higher Current requirement, please refer to our AC/DC Power Capacitors.

Different applications can have very different capacitor electrical and mechanical profile requirements.
There are more Power Electronic Capacitors for your consideration, please click here.
Please feel free to send your application details for a suggestion and quotation.

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