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more Power Film Capacitors Photos :

1) Resonant Capacitors 2) High Voltage Resonant Capacitor 3) DC Link Capacitors
4) High Voltage Pulse Capacitors 5) High Voltage Capacitor 6) High dv/dt Axial Lead Polypropylene Film Capacitors
7) High Voltage Filter Capacitor 8) High Voltage Capacitor

9) High Voltage Film Capacitor

 10) GTO Snubber Capacitors

11) GTO Snubber Capacitor

12) AC Filter Capacitor 105C 20uF 440Vac 16A

13) Pulse Capacitor 14) Pulse Current Capacitor 15) Pulse Current Capacitor
16) High Voltage IGBT Snubber  Capacitors 0.022uF 5600Vdc 17) Pulse Capacitors 18) Pulse Discharge Capacitors
19) SCR Snubber Capacitor 20) Snubber Capacitor 21) Snubber Capacitor
22) Snubber Capacitor 23) Snubber Capacitors - PCB through hole installation 24) RC Snubbers
25) RC Snubber 26) Multi Capacitance Capacitor 27) Pulse Grade Capacitors
28) Pulse Snubber Capacitor 29) Feed Thru Capacitors / Filter Capacitors 30) High Frequency & Current Capacitor

We support wide range of capacitor package styles and terminal types for your design requirements.
For further details and assistance, please feel free to contact us.

There are more capacitor configurations.

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