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HK Film Capacitor / HKFC
With over 10 years of experience in Power Electronic Capacitors manufacturing, designing and developing for High Voltage, High Current and Energy Discharge applications with different capacitor packaging styles and electrical connection options to suit your need.

Most of our Power Electronic Capacitors can even meet 105C requirement. It is important, as capacitor's internal temperature will increase as the current increase.

High Temperature Power Electronic Capacitors :

Snubber Capacitors :

- GTO Snubber Capacitors / GTO Capacitors

- IGCT Snubber Capacitors

- IGBT Snubber Capacitors / IGBT Capacitors

- SCR Snubber Capacitors / SCR Capacitors

- Thyristor Capacitors

- High dv/dt Axial Lead Polypropylene Film Capacitors for Snubber circuit

- Commutation Capacitors

- Furnace Capacitors

- Snubber Modules / Dual Snubber Modules

- Power RC Snubbers ( with Varistor options )

- Surge Arrestor Modules

High Voltage Power Film Capacitors

- High Voltage Pulse Capacitors

- High Voltage Filter Capacitors

- High Voltage Snubber Capacitors

High Current Polypropylene Capacitors / Heavy Current Capacitors :

GTO Capacitors - medium frequency

- IGBT Snubber Capacitors - medium frequency

- Pulse Capacitors / Pulse Current Capacitors - medium frequency

- High Power Filter Capacitors

- DC Link Film Capacitors - high Capacitance / High Ripple Current Capacitors

- Medium Power Film Capacitors - high Capacitance and medium frequency

- AC Filter Capacitors - ACF

- DC Filter Capacitors - DCF / DCL

Energy Discharge Capacitors :

- Current / Energy Discharge Capacitors

- Pulse Grade Capacitors / Electric Fence Capacitors

Feed Through Capacitors / Feed Thru Capacitors

Motor Run Capacitors : Cylindrical and Box

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