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Motor Run Capacitors :
Continuous Operation

Typical Applications : 

  • Motor Run - ideal for various motor applications in washing machine, air conditioner, electric water pump, power factor collection.
  • By connecting the capacitor in series with the starting winding motor, allow motors with two or three windings to function on a single-phase supply.
  • AC Filter application
Constructions :
  • Self-healing low loss metallized polypropylene film
  • Cylindrical or Box Plastic Case : self-extinguishing (UL-94V0 grade) plastic.
  • Optional : Thermoplastic Plastic Case - so that the capacitor can be operated at a higher temperature range and harsh working environment.
  • Epoxy Resin : self-extinguishing (UL-94V0 grade)
  • Size : Round : Diameter : 30-65mm / High : 65-118mm
    Box : Width: 32-60 High: 20-38 Thickness: 14-26mm
Electrical Connections :
  • Soldering terminal
  • Single or double quick terminal
  • Stiff wire
  • Flexible wire
  • Twin-core cable
  • Wire or cable with receptacle or terminal
  • Tin-coated copper lead (Box type only)
Installation systems :
  • Cylindrical Plastic Case : with screw stud / without screw stud
  • Box Plastic Case : Screw mounting tab / without Screw mounting tab
Properties :
  • Low Dissipation Factor, high Insulation Resistance, Self-Healing, Non inductive, long operating time.
  • Providing different connections and mounting options so as to increase your design flexibility.

In case dv/dt or ripple current is needed, please refer to AC Filter Capacitors : ACF and DCL series.

Some of the standard capacitor configuration.
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