Why Plastic Enclosure Dry Film Capacitors & Technical consideration
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Power Electronic Capacitor Application Notes :

  • Two capacitors with the same Capacitance and Voltage do not mean they have the same RMS Current, Frequency, Temperature, and Discharge Current Capacity

  • It is important to keep the capacitors be run at any application below its rated RMS Current, Pulse Discharge Current, Temperature and Voltage (including AC, DC, Pulse, Transient and kick back) range.

  • Capacitor internal temperature will increase together with capacitor current. If necessary, force cooling can be useful.

  • Capacitor is subjected to Over-Current can damage the capacitor seriously.

  • For Power Electronic Capacitor description, it is not just Capacitance and Voltage, but also RMS Current, Peak Current, dv/dt, Temperature etc...

  • Please feel free to tell more about your requirement like :

  • Capacitance, Voltage ( DC, ACrms, AC Ripple, Pulse (peak to peak), Transient), RMS Current, Peak Current, Temperature, max. Frequency, function of capacitor in your application and capacitor size limitation if any.

  • Other consideration : the Frequency and Current loading is continuous, continual, intermittent or low repetition rate.

  • Different Capacitor Functions can have very distinct electrical and/or mechanical requirement.

What make our Power Electronic capacitors different?

- Plastic Enclosure and Dry Film design

- Higher Operation Temperature range, up to 105C

- Some of the capacitor series are able to withstand direct Short Discharge for higher discharge current requirement

- Capacitors can be Tailor-Made according to application need

HKFC Power Electronic Capacitors vs Metal Enclosure Oil impregnated Power Capacitors :
HKFC Power Electronic Capacitors - Plastic Enclosure and Dry design Metal Enclosure Oil impregnated Power Capacitors
Plastic Enclosure - Safer Metal Enclosure
Filled with Epoxy Resin - Dry Design Filled with Oil Impregnant
Don't have impregnant liquid leakage problem Impregnant leakage problem - risk of environmentally hazardous leaks or toxic spillage on-site
Dry Design more environmental friendly Impregnant leakage is not environmental friendly design
All plastic parts, enclosure and epoxy resin are UL94-V0 grade Cannot meet UL94-V0 grade
Higher Insulation Resistance, especially important for High Voltage and High Ambient Temperature application - Low Insulation Resistance

- Normally, capacitor Insulation Resistance will decrease as ambient temperature increase

High Insulation Voltage - Safer Low Insulation Voltage
Capacitor Enclosure doesn't need Grounding Capacitor Enclosure need to be Grounding
Doesn't have or less clearance and creepage requirement Larger clearance and creepage requirement
Can be installed in any orientation Have installation orientation restriction
Can withstand stronger external continuously vibration Cannot withstand stronger external continuously vibration
Smaller ESR and ESL Larger ESR and ESL due to complicate internal connection mechanisms
Can be operated at 105C Lower operating Temperature, up to 85C, some even at 70C or below only
Smaller Thermal Resistance Rth, even at 85C and 105C Higher Thermal Resistance Rth
More reliable, compact, lighter and more energy efficient Less reliable, compact and energy efficient
Longer capacitor life Shorter capacitor life - Metal Enclosure has rust, oxidation or oil leakage problem

Screw Bolts, Nuts for Electrical Connections and Installation Tightening Torque comparison :

Bolt / Nut Size

HKFC Plastic Enclosure Capacitors

Other Metal Enclosure Capacitors



4 - 6Nm ( for installation, only 2 - 3Nm)


12Nm ( for installation : 7Nm )

4 - 6Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)



7 - 8Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)


14 - 18Nm

10Nm ( for installation, only 4Nm)

Higher Operation Temperature range :

  • Most of our Power Electronic Capacitors can withstand high RMS Current, high Voltage and high dv/dt requirement and even at 105C.

  • There is no Polypropylene Film Power Capacitor in the market with 105C rating in the market.

  • Capacitor's internal temperature will increase together with the capacitor current, higher temperature rating means it is more stable at customer's application.

  • Power Electronic Capacitors not just Capacitance and Voltage, but also the Capacitor Current and Temperature rating.

  • Higher Working Temperature rating, means the capacitors can be worked longer and more stable at the same harsh environments when compared with 85C or even low temperature range capacitors.

  • Thermo Sensor can be integrated into the capacitor body. Other functions can be triggered if the temperature has crossed the set boundary.

Capacitors can withstand Direct Short :

Tailor-Made Design Capacitors :
We can make power electronics film capacitors according to customer's Electrical and mechanical specification. There are various electrical connections and capacitor installations options for our power film capacitors. Please refer to our Capacitor configurations page.

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